These About sections I find really difficult. What am I meant to say in here? What am I meant to tell you that you won’t find out on the blog? I don’t really have much of a story….I am a middle aged woman trying to get through life with as little resistance as possible. Menopause is my constant companion and it makes it hard to focus on any one thing. I don’t know how women work during this time of life, it’s a very difficult time.  I use essential oils daily to help keep my calm, they are very effective in balancing hormones and calming anxiety, keeping your focus and just generally feeling better about yourself. There are however, some days of acute anxiety that they don’t work, on those days I tend to grab some chocolate and lock myself away, drawing or crocheting or doing something creative. Those are the days when overwhelm takes over and you just have to ride it out.

I have always been creative and love to try new things. These days art & craft has become big business and I am finding product is getting more and more expensive.  I love all things Vintage and I make girls dresses from vintage linens, this is one of my favorite past times but vintage linens are also becoming hard to find and super expensive.

My lifestyle is that of a farmers wife, we manage a cattle property and there is no better lifestyle. We have always lived in the country and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.There is a lot to be said about wide open spaces, fresh air and clean water! It’s the simple things in life it truly is!

So if you are interested in all the things then I welcome you and thank you for taking time out of your day to read my content. I hope to be enlightening to everyone who reads this and you will be getting the REAL me, not scripted, not made up for the internet, just me and my Fistful of Life!