Easter Shopping


by HeleneAnne


Why are people always nuts

When these days no shop ever shuts

But Easter is the worst time ever

You’d swear the shops will close forever.

There’s trolleys, kids and people talking

Come on guys just please keep walking

Now’s not the time to talk in aisles

Don’t be deceived that I’m all smiles,

I’m just about to lose my shit

I knew the stress would be legit

Are you kidding there’s people fighting

They’re just eggs people no need for smiting

I swear next year I will do things early

Or bring my husband who is rather burly

To push the trolley and clear a path

And help avoid a big bloodbath

Ok I’m done now lets get through

The checkout, What, there’s only two?

You’re shitting me, this is so uncool

I have to get the kids from school!

So here’s the lesson I will say

Don’t leave it for another day

You then wont need to have a fit

When Easter shopping turns to shit!