Who Stole My Leggo

Dear God, can you please help me find

My lego if you wouldn’t mind

I used to keep it in a box

Clearly marked, Lego Blocks


I asked my sister if she knew

But she just sat there eating glue

I guess she won’t know where it’s at

She’s just stuck feathers on the cat


My oldest brother is such a prankster

He thinks himself the family gangster

To hide my Lego so I can’t play

Would make him happy in his own way

“Did you take my Lego to make me sad?

If you did, I’m telling dad

Well go tell dad all you like

It wasn’t me so take a hike.”


“What’s wrong today?” my mum just said

When she found me on my bed

“I’m sad because I want to play

With my lego that’s gone away

I just can’t find it anywhere

It used to be right over there

Beside my box of dirty socks

Clearly marked LEGO BLOCKS”


Where have you looked My mum just said

Have you checked beneath your bed

Or in your cupboard full of clothes

Which by the way is on the nose

You must have dirty socks in there

It now makes sense you’ve none to wear

Go check that box on your cupboard floor

I’ll bet you’ll find your socks for sure


And sure enough I found my blocks

Inside the box named DIRTY SOCKS

Someone had switched the boxes names

Form dirty socks to Lego games

I bet I know who that would be

You leave your brother up to me


And now we’ve solved the lego mystery

It’s in the past, it’s day old history.

Forgive your brother no harms been done

That’s why our Father sent His Son